In the battlefield between good and evil, can a marriage be saved by prayer?

Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior is a Christian fantasy novel about family, faith, and the enduring power of prayer when there is a spiritual battle for our souls.

Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior Book Release Christian Fiction
Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior

We hope this story will…

  • Help you understand that the call to pray for another is a holy call and not a mere duty.
  • Encourage you to fight with and for each other through prayer, no matter who or where you are and or how much time you have.
  • Empower you to utilize the armor of God that’s available to all believers.
  • Entertain you with the characters and story, but also inspire you to take the sword of the spirit and pray.

Book Review

Battlefield Prayer has challenged my thoughts and reformed how I approach prayer. The characters are relatable, their struggles and triumphs are common and aid in showing us how critical it is to pray for one another. I was drawn in to the story of this group of friends found myself connecting with their backgrounds, eager to read more about them.”

Prayer is Kingdom Work!

Have you ever felt frustrated that the only thing you can offer a hurting friend is prayer? When you offer to pray for a friend, and you do it- you stop and pray – you participate in the greatest victory plan our King has. 

And that’s just what our main characters do for each other! You’ll love journeying with Evie, Sam, and Vicki as they strive to obey the Holy command to bear one another’s burdens and pray without ceasing.

Book Review

“Such a powerful book!  I always knew prayer wasn’t passive, but this book and its imagery gave me such a potent picture of what happens when we pray.  I no longer take it lightly when someone says they are praying for me nor do I flippantly tell others I will pray for them.  This book opened my eyes to the realm of the unseen and what we are up against, but more importantly it brought to life the power we have as children of the Almighty and the conquering strength He gives us through prayer.”

Maureen Hartson: Author

About the Authors

Maureen and Shannon are sisters who since childhood shared a love of reading and storytelling. They also shared a dream of one day writing a story of their own. A story including good friendships, enemies, love, mystery, faith and even a touch of world building. This idea paired with their belief and truth that the best weapon in our personal arsenal as we fight with and for our loved ones is prayer.

Separated in their adult years by 500 miles, Battlefield Prayer was born.  They began writing over a span of seven years, sharing thoughts, ideas, plots and characters by phone, texts, video calls and many voice mails.

The hope and prayer are that you will not only love the characters and story, but that you will be encouraged to follow the call to prayer in your own lives.