In the battlefield between good and evil, can a marriage be saved by prayer?

Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior is the first in a three-book series. Three friends, each with their own challenges, secret burdens and battles, learn to trust each other enough to let them pray with and for them.

In the spirit realm, armies of darkness gather and organize in the effort to obey their orders to weaken, divide and destroy them.

Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior

About Book One

Evie has been single parenting ever since her emotionally distant husband, Bryce, abandoned her and their children. When his sudden return and questionable explanation sends her into turmoil, Evie relies on prayer to find the answers to her questions. Does she want freedom from this man or a family reunited?

Evie is still drawn towards Bryce, but she can’t trust a man who won’t fully explain his disappearance. When Evie realizes that spiritual forces are fighting to destroy her marriage, she makes a decision that will change everything. But in the process, she falls victim to a deception from the enemy that poisons her heart.

When Evie tells her husband that the marriage is over, her friends band together to intercede for their marriage. In the end, Evie enters the battlefield one more time, intent on ending the fight at last. But she’s been deceived by the enemy, and the bitter poison is now setting her on a course that might ruin her family for good.

With the spiritual forces fighting to turn her against Bryce, will she stay faithful to those she loves? Or will she fall under the power of darkness for good? A Christian fantasy novel about family, faith, and the enduring power of prayer when there is a spiritual battle for our souls.

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Author Bios

Maureen Hartson: Author

Maureen Hartson has lived most of her life in the beautiful state of Michigan, where she and her husband have raised their four daughters. Today her children still live close by and they and their families gather often for weekend meals, filling the seats around the table with children, husbands and grandchildren. Recently retired, Maureen is enjoying time in her garden, camping with her husband and chasing her grandchildren.

Shannon Coe lives with her husband in the mountains of West Virginia, where they have served in ministry for over 30 years. She is the proud mother of four adult sons and takes great joy in seeing them raise their own families. Her favorite moments are always found in the company of her children and grandchildren.

Shannon Coe, Author

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