Maureen and Shannon, Authors of Battlefield Prayers

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Shannon Coe and Maureen Hartson would both describe themselves primarily as wives and mothers. That has and continues to be what they believe God has called them to be.

They would say there have been days they did it like champs! There have also been days they thought, “Eh… much to learn still.” They learned in the day-to-day stages of marriage, children, empty nest and most recently the fullness of grandchildren, the value of a sister and friendships that felt like sisterhood. Whether in the seen realm or the unseen, there is nothing quite like knowing you have a sister on your side, praying with and for you.

Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior

Our Story

Maureen and Shannon are sisters and their personal story began as two little girls who lived in pain and darkness and then met the Beautiful Savior who loved and protected them. Their bond was not only physical, but spiritual as they learned that fighting for the faith and fighting for what was good and right, often meant kneeling to pray. 

As they grew into womanhood and motherhood, their bond and friendship deepened as they shared life stages, complete with all its ups and downs. Their love for good stories and books often filled their conversations.

It was in their young adult years the dream of one day writing their own story took form and shape in their hearts and minds.  

It took Maureen and Shannon seven years to write Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior due to the beautiful and full lives they each lived with their families. Neither having the time to make it a full-time project, God kept the story alive in their heart. They began to write by talking about their characters, envisioning biomes, always by phone, texts, emails, and voice mails. They wrote line by line, chapter by chapter, sometimes weeks apart, sometimes months until the day they each wrote their last lines and realized their dream had come true. Whether the book was ever read by anyone else, they had done what they had, since young adults, wanted to do. 

Battlefield Prayer is a story about friendship and the beauty and strength in the sisterhood. But it is not only about that. It is also a personal testament and a book about prayer and the faithful, continual presence of a loving Jesus.

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Author Bios

Maureen Hartson: Author

Maureen Hartson has lived most of her life in the beautiful state of Michigan, where she and her husband have raised their four daughters. Today her children still live close by and they and their families gather often for weekend meals, filling the seats around the table with children, husbands and grandchildren. Recently retired, Maureen is enjoying time in her garden, camping with her husband and chasing her grandchildren.

Shannon Coe lives with her husband in the mountains of West Virginia, where they have served in ministry for over 30 years. She is the proud mother of four adult sons and takes great joy in seeing them raise their own families. Her favorite moments are always found in the company of her children and grandchildren.

Shannon Coe, Author

In the battlefield between good and evil, can a marriage be saved by prayer?

Battlefield Prayer: Desert Warrior is a Christian fantasy novel about family, faith, and the enduring power of prayer when there is a spiritual battle for our souls. 

Book Review

“Bold and descriptive – this story brings to light the unseen struggle between good and evil. Light and Dark. It is vital that Christian women understand the truths brought to life in this book and that we stand together against the forces of darkness through battlefield prayer.”