Why the Noise?

Dear Maureen and Shannon,

What does “Clink Clink” mean?


Why the Noise?

Dear Why the Noise,

We were waiting for someone to ask about the Clink Clink!

Years ago, we participated in a ministry called Red Light Stake Out. We met with some wonderful daughters of God who gathered on a certain weeknight, rode together in our cars to a strip club in our town. One team in West Virginia and one team in Michigan. We had a stake out in the parking lot and we prayed our hearts out. Bibles on the dashboard, coffees, snacks- we were armed to the teeth!

We all had our list of verses commissioned to us earlier in the day. Each woman took turns praying for the women we saw walking into work. We prayed for her health, her safety. We prayed for her children and her financial need. We prayed for her mind and for her soul would be healed. We petitioned the High Court that she would know the value and love the Most High has for her.

We prayed for the men we saw walking into the building. We pleaded for repentance, for deliverance from addiction, for salvation and to one day be a man who stayed at home with a loving family. We asked for grace, for mercy so he would be healed and forgiven.

We appealed to the Just One against the ones who purposefully and greedily kept both men and women in bondage to gain filthy lucre. We prayed no good would come to his/her hands and that the Most High would be glorified in any judgment and justice He so delivered.

Sometimes we stayed at one club and sometimes we made the rounds in our town.

It was one of the most beautiful seasons of our life, and we will never forget it.

But the clink, clink…

When each prayer team was done, we’d text the other prayer team. We came to the battlefield as one unit and we left as one unit. We were too far removed for high fives and end of battle chest bumps, so we developed our own little way to say, “Well done, sister. Until next time.”  This is the sound of our swords (the Word of God which we prayed) tapping together.

It was Clink Clink. And we always say it after prayer that fights for someone.

Thank you for asking. Our hearts are tender to the memory.

With the sound of a thousand clinks clinking,

Maureen and Shannon
The Poppets

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