Just Curious

Just Curious by Battlefield Prayer

Dear Maureen and Shannon,

I’m a little on the more mature side of age. And when I was reading, I saw where Sam hummed a tune and it said it was a hit on Tiko. I have no idea what that means. Can you fill me in?


Just Curious

Dear Just Curious,

Thank you for your question. It’s valid. We asked ourselves the same thing when we saw it. Funny thing about publishers is they have this rule you have to cite certain things. That’s good for book writers who may want to be referenced some day, but a pain when writing.
When we wrote our manuscript, we didn’t make these citations. We just wrote! Then along came our editors. They told us that those needed to be added, so we let them add them. Didn’t think twice about it. All good.

When we received our copy and were reading it, we saw the same thing. That was the beginning of a flurry of texts. Who in the world is Tiko? Everone knows Black Eyed Peas sang that song! So we looked it up. Turns out it’s some kind of clownfish guy? Sings songs for kids? Huh.

Given that we are also on the mature side of age, we just figured this was something younger women might know. We debated whether to leave it or change it. In the end, we laughed and said, “What do we know? Leave it.”

So that is the story of how Tiko, the clownfish, ended up in our book. We will probably never hear “I gotta feeling” the same now.


The Poppets

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