Weak in the Knees

Weak in the Knees by Battlefield Prayer

Dear Maureen and Shannon,

It seemed like Evie, Vikki and Sam prayed lengthy prayers because they were on the battle side a long time sometimes! But on the real-life side they could be sitting there drinking coffee!

I’ve struggled with how to pray more in my daily life. I like the idea of going to war in prayer, but I can’t even go to the bathroom alone, let alone the real throne room, let alone a battlefield. How do you and your sister find time for real prayer in your life- not just “thank you” and “give me” prayers?

I really would like to understand this weapon that I have in my arsenal to fight for my family and friends. Thank you for any tips.


Weak in the Knees

Dear Weak in the Knees,

Thank you for your question and your keen observation of what was happening in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. You are right! Time wasn’t the same on both sides. A prayer at a diner table could also be a full-blown battle scene in a different realm!

 We absolutely have learned a few tricks that will help you to be able to pray more often and be more effective in your prayers.

One of us learned that while washing dishes a lot of praying could be done. This repetitive, never-ending chore is an opportunity to pray for someone specific. The chore is not so bad when it is turned into something sacred.

Another good tip we found was to read a Psalm and insert our beloved’s name and their cause. Make the psalm personal. The Sword of the Spirit- which is the Word of God- this is the weapon. Taking the Scriptures and praying the words themselves are powerful. You can repeat the same passage over and over and you will become very familiar with your sword!

One of us turned off the music in the car and prayed at every stop light. No more grumbling and driving wrath! We will take this opportunity, thank you very much, and use it for the glory of God. What use to be unbearably frustrating minutes at a red light is now anticipated. Clink Clink!

Also speaking of driving, one of us has also begun praying for a certain someone on the way to work every day. You, dear Weak in the Knees, could pray for your person from Point A to Point B- the route you drive often can become a well-worn path on a battlefield.

We hope these little helps will encourage you to incorporate the daily events into your prayer life. It’s almost impossible to get alone time or quiet time, isn’t it? But the good news is that it is not necessary.

We’re cheering for you! Clink Clink!


Maureen and Shannon
The Poppets

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